Communications Committee



The PA Region 13 Communications Committee is dedicated to improving life safety voice and data communications interoperability for Task Force members and stakeholders through the use of technology and operations.



Improving interoperable voice and data communications within and outside of the Region will be achieved through:

  • Planning
  • Funding
  • Designing
  • Implementing
  • Training
  • Exercising

Narrowbanding Information


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) imposes requirements on state and local public safety organizations regarding mobile radio systems.  These requirements, referred to as mandatory narrowbanding, applies to both voice and data systems.


For more information on mandatory narrowbanding:

"FCC Narrowbanding Mandate: A Public Safety Guide for Compliance"

DHS Office of Emergency Communications Releases "A Practical Guide to Narrowbanding"


To assist the Nation’s public safety community and government officials in meeting the narrowband mandate, the US Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Office of Emergency Communications (OEC) has released a guidance document entitled, "A Practical Guide to Narrowbanding.”

Designed to provide best practices and recommendations for overcoming the most common challenges agencies may experience when transitioning to narrowband, “A Practical Guide to Narrowbanding” specifically contains the following:

  • Step-by-step guide to assist affected VHF and UHF licensees, including recommendations for internal processes ranging from budget considerations to inventory of radio equipment, as well as external processes from coordinating with neighboring jurisdictions to ensuring FCC mandates for licenses and modifications are met

  • State case studies that illustrate lessons learned by emergency response communities during the narrowband transition

  • Customizable letter template to assist States in raising awareness of the narrowband transition among local stakeholders, and provide background information about the narrowbanding decision

The Guide is available for download on the OEC website, or, for more information, contact OEC at"

Guidance Documents and Multimedia from DHS

DHS Office of Emergency Communications Website


National Emergency Communication Plan(NECP)

The National Emergency Communications Plan (NECP) is a strategic plan that sets goals and identifies key national priorities to enhance governance, planning, technology, training and exercises, and disaster communications capabilities.


National Emegency Communications Plan Capabilities Guide

This document is intended to provide practical guidance for assessing interoperable communications capabilities and will be particularly useful during NECP implementation efforts.


Plain Language Guide: Making the Transition from Ten Codes to Plain Language 

This guide helps emergency responders transition from the use of 10-codes to plain language during radio communication. 


National Interoperability Field Operations Guide

This document is a collection of technical reference material for radio technicians responsible for radios that will be used in disaster response applications.


Imporving Interoperability through Shared Channels

This guide is designed for emergency response officials at all levels of government who have an interest in improving communications interoperability in their community or region, yet face the challenge of determining the technical solutions that best meet their needs.


Interoperability Communications for Planned Events

This guide is intended for emergency response officials responsible for designing and executing interoperable communications plans for planned events in their communities (e.g., festivals, concerts, and sporting events).


Interoperability Business Case: An Intro to Ongoing Local Funding

This document assists emergency response officials in communicating the need for ongoing local interoperability funding within their community. 


Writing Guide for a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU)

This tool provides guidance for developing an MOU.


Writing Guide for Standard Operating Procedure(SOPs)

This guide is designed to assist communities in establishing formal written guidelines or instructions for incident response.


Establishing Governance to AChive Statewide Communications Interoperability

This guide demonstrates a methodology to implement SCIP strategic initiatives by leveraging collaborative practitioner-driven statewide governance.


Regional Intrastate Governance Guide for Interoperable Emergency Communications

The OEC Regional Intrastate Governance Guide, developed with input from stakeholders, explains how to set up regional governance organizations for emergency communications.


Communications Specific Tabletop Exercise Methology

Creating a Charter for a Multi Agency Communications Interoperability Committe