When to Leave the Area

You may be asked to evacuate if the situation has the potential to put your life in danger.  This decision is only made when it is absolutely necessary.  You man be given little notice, so be preprepared.  If you are asked to evacuate, do the following:


  • Pack only what you must
  • Take only Essentials
    • Clothing
    • Medicines
    • Blankets
    • Baby Supplies
    • Flashlight
    • Portable Radio
    • Cash and Checkbook
    • Secure your home
  • Shut off utilities if instructed to do so
  • Follow evacuation routes
  • Only use the telephone for life threatening emergencies
  • Keep car windows closed and radio on
  • Avoid driving through vapor clouds and dense smoke
  • Only return home when told it is safe to do so

To learn more about evacuating yourself and your family, please click here.