Faith-Based Organizations


Many faith-based organizations are willing to provide help during or directly after a disaster, even if you aren't a member.  Here are some services they may offer.

  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Child Care and Elder Care
  • Clothing Bank
  • Storage Facility
  • Collection Station for Goods and Supplies
  • Supply and Distribution Center
  • Information and Communication Center
  • Crisis Intervention


When you contact a church or faith based organization for assistance or shelter, remember the following things:


  • The number of people in your group who need shelter
  • Whether anyone in your group needs special medication or certain foods
  • What, if any, injuries you have incurred
  • Whether you have any transportation
  • An assessment of your immediate clothing needs
  • The physical status of your permanent home


You may be able to help your faith based organization during an emergency.

Contact them to find out how you may be of service.  Let them know any special skills you have.  Here are some services you may be able to perform:

  • Cleanup and repair


  • Transportation


  • Communications


  • Counseling


  • Special needs assistance

    Preparing Your Faith Based Organization

    If you are part of a faith based organization, be prepared to help yourself and others during an emergency.

    • Develop an Emergency Plan.
    • Determine your disaster mission. For example:
      • To ensure the continuation or quick resumption of regular worship services
      • To provide pastoral care and support to disaster victims (from congregants to community members)
      • To provide services/resources to help in the community’s recovery from disaster (consider what services/resources you plan to provide)
    • Coordinate with local authorities and aid groups.
    • Ask your congregation for additional input.