Mass Transit

Mass Transit is a safe and environmentally beneficial mode of transportation. However, there are some inherent dangers.

  • Mass transportation includes buses, trolleys and light rail, commuter trains, van pool services, paratransit services, ferries and tramways.
  • Trains travel at speeds up to 55 miles per hour, often only a few minutes apart.
  • It requires about 200 yards, the length of two football fields, for trains to stop. >
  • Many times you cannot hear a light-rail train until it is nearly upon you.
  • Subway trains travel in both directions.
  • Report all suspicious parcels, bags or containers to the nearest police officer or transit employee. Never touch a suspicious object.

    For safety tips while using mass transportation, please click here.

    During an emergency

    • Listen for instructions from the vehicle operator or other authorities, if applicable.
    • Walk, don’t run, toward the exit in an orderly fashion.
    • Help other passengers who may be hobbled by minor injuries, but do not obstruct aisles or exits.
    • If dangerous fumes or smoke are involved, cover your face with a handkerchief, jacket or even your shirt.
    • After exiting, move safely away from the accident area, in case of explosions and to allow medical personnel to enter unhindered.