People with Special Needs

People with disabilities, the elderly and infants all have special needs.  It is even more important for these people to plan for emergencies.  Prepare a list of the following items and store it near your emergency supplies:


  • Specialized medical equipment and supplies
  • Current prescriptions and dosages
  • Your doctor(s) names and telephone numbers
  • Detailed information concerning your medical condition



  • Who can you call for help?
  • Do you require additional or special vehicles?
  • Does your community have special transportation provisions?
  • Can you register with your community?



Have a five day supply on hand in an easy to take pouch or container


Special Dietary Needs

Keep an adequate supply of special foods and liquids on hand


Other Tips

Keep a small cooler with a 10 pound bag of ice available for medications and special dietary needs



If you must evacuate your home it may be days before you can return.  Many of the stores in your area may be closed.  Once you leave, you may not be able to get supplies for some time.  Be Prepared!!!


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